Thursday, 9 June 2016


Thursday 9th June 2016

We know the forecast was snow but we all laughed and said it'll be flurries in the rain.....didn't expect a full scale blizzard,minus 1° and snow everywhere. The electrics on the site are iffy and kept tripping as everyone turned on everything they could. The forecast said winds of 20mph but they were stronger than that and from the NNE the windchill  factor made it feel like -4.
But we survived the night and at 10.15 put on every bit of clothing to brave the elements for a visit to the reindeer farm..there was a certain amount of hysteria in the jocularity on the bus as the snow got thicker, was settling on the hillsides and the windscreen was covered in ice.....
The GF got her wish to see what the landscape looked like in winter......but wished she hadn't.
We even dug out the waterproof over - trousers,  bought 10 years ago for emergencies, stored in a locker and never used.
This reindeer farm was v.interesting and we stoically went into the woods to feed them despite horizontal freezing snow. The talk on Sami life and culture was good, the tea and coffee round the open fire in wooden teepee - like house very welcome.  We then had lunch at the local hotel which was so good that nearly  everyone has booked to eat there on Friday night...apparently the reindeer steaks are renowned.
By 2pm the snow turned to rain and then stopped as the temperature rose to 3° and a weak sun appeared though the wind had not abated.  We walked to a local museum, saw a presentation on the northern lights and an excellent  explanation of the ecology, culture, climate and history of Lapland. Very good displays and photography although a mite wordy for some tastes. Short walk back to the campsite where we are assured the electrics will work if we all exercise restraint......

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