Friday, 24 June 2016


24th June 2016

Thursday 23rd June

Excursion day by coach to explore the LOFOTEN.  Excellent weather  and superb coach driver who managed to avoid  demolishing any mirrors in extremely narrow places unlike some others.....
The Viking Museum at BORG was great. original long house. And we had an interesting Q&A session with a young lady from Lithuania doing her PHD on Norse culture at Trondheim ....and a very good viking lunch of lamb stew and mead. Then ABFV (another bloody fishing  village) at NUSFJORD...spectacular setting and a drive round impossible  roads through spectacular scenery before dinner at HENNINGSVAER  at an apparently famous restaurant called
Fiskekrogen. And it was an excellent meal....cod of course as it's pretty big in these parts....and you smell it everywhere as it dries on the frames. The heads go to Nigeria to be ground into flour. There is friction in the group and no I have nothing to do with it. We just iritate D&M by winning at cards.

Friday 24th.june

So it's Out. Sad day, even though we voted out (by proxy) but I think it's correct. The straw poll last night had 27 in,13 out and 2 do t know 's which was a big surprise but a quite a few either live or have property in Europe.
So off at 07.30, breakfast at the bridge of Grimsoy and in LEKNES BY 10.00. Mirror fitted but unexpected problem with electronics for integral satnav and radio antenna which Autotrail incorporate into the offside mirror. Rewiring this was going to be labour intensive and costly so I asked for the original bits to be stripped from the old mirror and I'll Ave them sorted in the UK.  Then discovered mirror is for a LHD vehicle so it sits too far back when in locked position. Nothing I can do except wedge a bung under the arm so it sits further forward without moving when vibrating when driving......technical stuff.
And of course it set me back 5575 krona which at last month's rate was £490 and god knows what that will be today... the € hit 1.48 in the middle of Wednesday night and is dwn to 1.18 this morning.  Parity next week ?
And now we have left the tour like many others, having decided to take a different route and ferry from organised one and will meet up with them tomorrow as we cross the Arctic circle back to civilisation.  Tonight we are parked outside the Vestfjord Hotel in SVOLVAER who have a waterfront park for motorhomes and we will attempt to get the ferry to SKUTVIK in the morning without reservations  (they  only allow 40% capacity to be booked and it's full.

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