Monday, 6 June 2016


Saturday 4th . June  2016
Actually the sun just keeps shining on us. Reindeer herd sitting by the road just for Margaret who had failed so far to take any reindeer photos....the GF thought they were cows and was commenting on how few bovines we had seen. There was even a white one which are lucky and you make a wish. To LULEÀ via the rapids at STORFORSEN which are higher, longest,biggest in Scandinavia, Europe, the world depending on which publicity you read. They are however spectacular and well worth the detour. We also visited the Lappstaden village of original wooden church cottages, still used several times a year.
Campsite at luleà pleasant enough on river but  a bit out of town. D&M for dinner, win again and eventually get the 2€. Soon be able to afford a bottle of beer.

Sunday 5th June 2016
At leisure. We cycle with others to nearby wooden church village...older and biggest...for National Day cultural celebration. Buy honey for 120 krona, twice the price of England and 4 times that of andalucia and have bbq skewers. V tasty. Give up on culture after exhibition of line dancing to rock n roll and cycle back. Got lost going and lost returning, only rescued by other waifs and strays unable to read map......actually map was OK,  just no signs on the paths.
Tomorrow we'll cross the Artic Circle, temperature still holding up around the 12-13° and the sun still shines.

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