Monday, 20 June 2016

A WHALE OF A TIME....Pass the sick bag Alice

Monday 20th . June 2016

It wasn't raining when we started but that didn't last.....and Derek 's got the bit between his teeth since bring introduced to geocaching. So he drove  us to ANDENES and we spent 2 hours finding 4 caches around the town. The last proved problematic until Martin,  a young German doing his PHD at Trondheim on hydro power turned up and helped us find it in return for clues to the one in Main Street,which was a tricky little magnetic cache under an electricity box that M found.. Anyway we got soaking wet 2 hours before we set foot on a boat.......
The forecast was for improvements but they hardly materialised and although the sea looked calm, the WhaleSafari boat (an ex trawler, fitted out for 80 punters) rocked and rolled someting rotten. I had taken 2 Stugeron and just about held my own ; the GF  didn't.
However,  on the bright side, we saw 4 sperm whales .....the 1st disappeared  before the cameras
were out of the bags but then 3 appeared over the next hour and we got very close. Thanks to the captain's experience we were warned of their impending dive so I have 3 photos of tail flukes of which I am quite proud .....not publishable until I can download them from the sd card in the camera. Box ticked. Great thrill, and even whilst feeling under the weather the GF did stagger to the rail to see the magnificent  beasts close up.. very good operation from the whale safari people who did everything possible to help and were well worth the money. Trip also included a guided tour of their museum which was most informative.  Weather improved pm and views are fantastic.


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  2. It sounds like you are having the best time up North!! Am very envious of the whale watching, so am looking forward to seeing these photos.

    Thank you for your postcard arrived today and now has pride of place on the fridge door.