Thursday, 16 June 2016


Thursday 16th June 2016

The 180 mile drive to SKIBOTN should have been easy and scenic and the first half was only marred by the almost continual roadworks as the E6 is apparently being upgraded. The scenery was beautiful,the sun shone but the roadworks were a nightmare. And then after we climbed up the mountain side we ran into a different weather system amongst the low clouds. The sun disappeared for the rest of the day and we had a lot of rain. Tantalisingly, the occasional snow cloud peaks could be glimpsed high above us but the clear blue waters of the fjords turned to slate grey.
Still, we've been incredibly lucky so far so mustn't grumble.
SKIBOTN is not particularly pretty on a damp & cloudy day, but after losing at cards for the first time in 3 weeks.....although no money has changed hands for many a day....
I hiked up the hillside behind us with Reg&Vee to find a cache near a waterfall. The GPS said 0.8 miles but forgot to point out that it was 0.8 upwards as the crow flew. The round trip was just under 3 miles but as it had stopped raining it was almost pleasant and the waterfall at HENGEN quite majestic. A day trip to TROMSO by coach tomorrow.

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