Monday, 6 June 2016


Monday 6th June 2016
Finally we leave Sweden, pausing only to divest ourselves of Swedish Krona at a fuel station that took cash rather than a card as the currency is changing and we are warned not to take notes out of the country after 30th June as it may be a problem exchanging them and we won't be home till July.
Sweden  never figured on my list of place to go and so has not disappointed......actually it has.....I think it may be the most boring place we've ever been and I shall  certainly never return....a weekend break in Stockholm  is about 2 days too long......driving is so tedious - easy but boring.
So today e crossed into Finland .......actualy nd guess what? was just  like sweden but a it run down. Nice campsite on river
Then they ruined the day by taking us on a coach excursion  to Santa Land followed by a cultural visit to the reindeer farm and a traditional crossing the Artic Circle ceremony dreamed up by some marketing whizz kid to part tourists from their euros. And today is the first day of real 24 hour daylight when the sun never dips below the horizon......I'm sitting here at 23.15 and the sun is still well above trees.
Won another 2€ and were paid on's like shooting fish in a barrel.

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