Friday, 17 June 2016


Friday 17th June 2016

The older readers will make the connection but for younger or less cultured followers this merely introduces the sighting, after 2700 miles and 2700 signs exhorting us to be aware of them, of a Moose.  Not a painted,stuffed,wooden or cardboard version but a real,  living ,breathing moose. Reindeers?  2 a penny. So prolific,  herds galloping over the hillsides , that we only get excited about sheep and cows. But a Moose?  So conditioned have we become to being warned about their ubiquitous nature and yet not a single specimen having been spotted  that they have aquired the status of unicorns in the group. But today we saw one standing by the road..and it moved realstically,  not like a Sony model type moose from Disney world. ...but the coach wizzed past as everyone  screamed, tried to find their cameras and groaned as it disappeared behind us. Box ticked.
TROMSO. Weather was kind and lovely drive by coach ..130 kms. .. Paris of the north...NOT.....but a nice town, largest city in the north, capital of  the Arctic etc. Beautiful setting on its own island, nice bridge.
The Polar Museum very good (great stuff abut polar exploration and especially Amundson, favourite son), nice cathedral.  Nice buffet lunch, we took optional tour with 7 others to visit to Botanic Gardens rather than retail therapy in expensive shopping malls which was a correct meant we missed the hysteria of the King and Queen arriving on Royal Yacht next to where our coach was parked and only had to put up with resulting traffic jam that produced gridlock in Tromso. Thank you, your Highnesses .
For those interested, I picked up 5 caches, my best haul in a single day yet but Reg & Vee got 6...only 2 in common though.
Drive back was disappointing as rain set in and our views of the Lyngyn Alps was much restricted

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