Sunday, 19 June 2016


Sunday 19th June 2016

Lovely weather all through Sweden when there was nothing to see and 48 hours of rain,mist and clouds when we hit the most scenic road in Norway. Sod's law. Something else to dislike about Sweden.
Arrived in GULLESFJORD in the rain and saw nothing and left in the rain. Drove north through fantastic scenery that we never saw to STAVE. At least it stopped raining early afternoon but the temperature is 5.6°....we are still well inside the arctic circle and have moved north again
The site is lovely (apart from extremely dodgy electrics when the voltage dropped as everyone arrived and turned on heaters,fridges etc which caused fridges to malfunction and control panels to sound alarms )with huge hot tubs in big mounds of earth, resembling volcanoes, but the wind is from the arctic and it would take a brave man to venture forth......but then the German who ran down to the beach and dived into the sea would probably disagree.
Saw an eagle on the drive and then a sea eagle was sitting on the rocks 100 m out from the campsite.....and we have Peter the twitcher with an enormous thing on a tripod that looks like a bazooka. ...
We are here 2 nights and we have booked to go on a whale safari on Monday. ...whale sighting guaranteed or your (not inconsiderable ) money back....the weather may improve marginally but the temperature will not increase so the GF will be utilising all her extensive cold weather wardrobe..
When playing cards tonight the incentive was that the losing family drove everybody to ANDENES to the whale  safari termial so guess who won't be driving tomorrow. say that M accepted defeat graciously would not be accurate since at one point she referred to the GF as Miss CockyArse.....a strange term of endearment .......
An hour ago the weather out to sea (northwards ) was looking good but another front is moving in and big back clouds are hoving into view....the seasick pills may be needed.

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