Wednesday, 29 June 2016


Wed. 29th.June 2016

Tues 28th.June 2016

We have left the wilderness, but not the 24 hr daylight, as we we see the first dual carriageway in over 5 weeks and pass the first McDonald's.  At last I can regularly get into 6th gear.
The day dawns raining but only 120 miles and the roads improve when we hit the E6. Stop for lunch at HELL, which appears to be 6 houses, a railway station and a large out of town shopping mall - so aptly named. The station is the most photographed in Norway, but not by Norwegians who don't understand the reason. Campsite at MALVIK is close to Trondheim and on banks of fjord with gorgeous views. Norwegian schools broke for summer this week so all sites are  getting busy with families. Weather cleared pm and great (almost) sunset. Can't imagine what nightime looks like now.


Coach trip to TRONDHEIM,  with guided tour, very good. Is Norway 3rd largest town but population is only 185000. Very pretty university city, nice cathedral which we tour with very funny guide who talk wonderfully about Norwegian love of raping and pillaging at great length. Much discussion about tomorrow's 200 mile route when it is disvovered that the scenic Atlantic Highway would be an alternative,  a road I had pencilled into my wishlist and thought we would miss. Search on Google produced a route that involved (only) 2 ferries which run every 20 mins so we are again departing from advised plan and going solo....except that 5/6 others think the same including our tour leader. Hopefully it will be a great drive.
We play cards and the GF cleans up, another 2€ in the basket and the slate is clean now and up to date.......but I feel that this is the lull before the storm and our so-far meagre winnings are about to fly home ........