Saturday, 4 June 2016


I love this 24 hour daylight thing.
Others have a problem  with it but I love sitting here at 23.30 in broad of wine, Art Blakey on the music system, looking at the view down the estuary to the sea whilst all around are cocooned in their mobile homes with all the blinds drawn trying to keep the light out.
I couldn't live here of course because the other side of the coin is 24 hour night-time which would drive me to suicide....I've  always thought that and having experienced the 24 hour daylight I know it's true...I want to go out now and walk about doing things but it's nearly midnight and everybody  else has gone to bed so shhhh!! Actually  I might be a bit pissed (I won at cards tonight (2€) but the  money hasn't changed. hands yet but we'll give them 24 hours before I go public)
It's midnight and 100% daylight.  I'm going to bed.

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  1. you do realise you just wrote all that down and pressed 'publish', don't you...?