Wednesday, 15 June 2016


Wednesday 15th June 2016
The sun still shines.....

Tuesday 14th June 2016

Left the camp at SKIPSFJORDEN,  stopped at HONNINGSVAG for restocking at the supermarket that sells everything then drove back 100kms to RUSSENES  (there is only one road) before splitting off towards TROMSO.  Easy road with great views, weather cloudy and overcast but sun arrived as we arrived at ALTA, our home for the next 2 nights. Largest town in the north, on the ALTA fjord and a pleasant campsite. Fairly disharmonious evening meeting over arrangements for next nights group meal which means we all have to drive to the hotel, it being too far to walk and cycling not a good option.... things got heated and several underlying currents surfaced...

Wednesday 16th June 2016

Cracking day, cracking weather,lot of boxes ticked. I decided the best thing to do re the meal fiasco, was to go out in the van all day then park at the hotel to avoid all the palaver.
So first to KATJORD  and the Tirpitz museum which was well worth a detour as Mr.Michelin used to say. The German north Atlantic fleet was based in the ALTA fjord and the Tirpitz was targeted and then sunk in the Kaafjord, having never seen a naval battle. Jolly good little private  museum,  very nice owner who chatted a lot and an informative film narrated by Ludovic Kennedy. Lunch by the fjord where the Tirpitz was sunk, next to remains of German gun defences.
Then onto the ALTA  Museum which is mainly open air, and which has 00's of rock carvings between 3-6000 years old. Took the whole afternoon to walk the 2 miles through a stunning landscape at the foot of the fjord with vista's of snow capped mountains. The sun shone and it was a beautiful and interesting setting. The indoor museum was also top notch, inluding the rest rooms housed n the underground bomb shelter which all public buildings had to install up to 1980 someting.  Although now not required to be built those already built must be maintained and Norway has space for 50% of its 5m. population in these when the tanks roll, head to Norway.
Back to ALTA and park at hotel and walk to city centre to see the magnificent cathedral....the organist was practising and at 17.30 we were the only ones there so it was a bit magical. Located the last ATM for days for cash as Norway really is expensive......2 teas in a cafe costs £9
Nice evening meal, good fresh food but not remarkable.


  1. Of course Ludovic Kennedy was a naval officer and involved in the pursuit of the Bismarck, though not with the final sinking of the battleship. Probably a good person to narrate the film.

    Looking forward to hearing the gossip about the evening meal arrangements...

  2. My lips are sealed.....trod on too many toes already

  3. Are you not playing nicely with the other children...?