Friday, 30 May 2014



Last night in Washington and the rain stopped so we walked (very walkable town if you go in the right direction) to Chinatown which although having an impressive archway ( largest single span arch in the world) could not find an impressive looking restaurant so retraced our steps to previous nights location ( we ate at Jaleo)  we discovered the District Chophouse & Brewery where we had an excellent dinner......although lunch and dinner today cost over £100, with only 3 glasses of beer and glasses of wine. Beer is excellent, never knew they brewed so many varieties, esp. wheat beers comme Belgium. Anyway excellent dinner in atmospheric microbrewery ex first national bank building.
Probably the best 2 meals of the trip today.
Note ....our best travelling wheeze was bringing the travel kettle, our own teabags ( esp the  GF who is on decaf tea) and a bag of 100 milkstix. The Americans have tea but can't make it and don't understand milk, just like the rest of Europe. However we have tea every morning OK.
So just waiting for the GF to finish her packing before we get a cab to the station for the 11am express to NY (2 3/4 hrs)

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