Saturday, 17 May 2014


From Beaver to Vegas, part boring part very dramatic ...... unfortunately the dramatic bit coincided with 15 miles of roadworks which were very narrow single lane and required maximum concentration. Arrived LV  at 3 pm, refueled vans ready for return and booked into Sam's RV Park, hotel and casino where we started from 2 weeks ago......still only $20 a night and the best value. Went to the hotel for end of tour dinner at Billy Bobs steakhouse which was remarkably good, esp the Fess Parker Californian red (15%) at a mere $25 (and a cdr in all but name). It was so good we ordered a second bottle but they had run out so following Oz Clark we went for a red zinfandel which they  obligingly let us have at the same price . Watched a stunning laser/water/music display in the central courtyard which was mind blowingly good. Weather over 100° so cleaning and packing was a chore.
Returned vans sat. morning without problem and happily without forfeiting any of the $1000 fact M managed to wangle $150 payment for inconvenience of having no hot water for first 4/5 days
Back to hotel and then went downtown to Fremont centre for mooching and lunch at Golden Nugget.  Big display of vintage classics lining the street of corvettes, mustangs, deloreans,  and film cars from Batman, Knight Rider etc and the rebuilt Porsche that James dean owned and died in.
When we got into hotel room and checked with bank, discovered another 2× 49.99  charges not recognised. Rang to report and they are part of the same scam that caused the blocking as it takes some days  for all items to clear for some reason, but they will be refunded. The problem is that they take cards away and just swipe them, never having to enter a pin number so god knows who is doing what with them. However , Nationwide seem on the ball and situation appears in hand. Shudder to think what would have happened if I didn't check online regularly.
The plan had been to have a farewell meal in the revolving restaurant atop the tower but booking was either 5.30 or 9.45
so we settled for drinks in the tower cocktail lounge followed by dinner in the Italian restaurant ( a litre of house red @$20'was very acceptable)
Sadly we part company as tomorrow (we hope) we shall catch the greyhound to LA at 7.50 am and begin our second ABA ( awfully big adventure)  coast to coast. Been a cracking good 2 weeks with D&M, with lots of fun and a truly memorable journey. Shall miss them both very much .
But another challenge lies this space

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