Monday, 5 May 2014

Continued 2

So Saturday was pick up RV day. We had called before to confirm everything and had said that we expected to be processed together as we were a party and that was fine. Some doubt about shuttle pick up availability but when I rang at 9am. was immediately told that we would be picked up at 12.30......I won't go in to the conversation regarding the 6 possible entrances and the fact that we only connected on the 3rd call when we both narrowed the choice to 2 and managed to get that wrong. D/m rang at the same time to be told that no shuttle pickup was available and that they should get a cab which would be reimbursed. So they got a cab and arrived at 12.30. We got picked up at 1.30, and then had to wait whilst the shuttle picked up 3 more couples, involving driving down and up the strip at midday on a Saturday, eventually getting to the Rv base at 2.30, 2 hours behind D/m. As we were first on the bus, we were last off (everybody has loads of luggage) and thus last to sign in. We were last to be processed and finally completed handover at 5pm. so a day lost.
Not happy but a few freebies thrown in. By 3.30 we all decided to get d/m off  to find a campsite and book us both in for the night which they Sam's. When we got there they had gone to the Walmart across the road but unreachable by foot so when they returned we went there to stock up with food and liquor. Its good to have a travelling companion as we could laugh about it over beers and wine because  on our own we would not have  been happy. A whole day hanging around and then the handover of an rv. We are lucky as we know basics but an awful lot is different from European motorhomes,some good some bad, and the vans are automatic which I haven't driven for 20 years, lh drive and very wide and the las Vegas freeway at 6pm on a Saturday is not the ideal familiarisation ground. Hey, that was fun, and it gets better.

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