Monday, 5 May 2014


Flew back to Vegas and returned to hotel for wash and brush up before heading back down the Strip ( see how I pick up the lingo) to meet D&M for dinner. Sat outside the Venetian, on a mock canal with gondolas punting around and opposite the Mirage where a volcano erupted every half hour with a spectacular fiery spectacle...but not as good as the dancing fountains outside the Bellagio. Its hard to keep a grip on reality but I thought that the thousands of gamblers losing money whilst listening to opera in the Palazzo was the height of pretentiousness. The architecture and design is awesome until you step through the archways and gardens and waterfalls to the vast array of slot machines, craps,poker etc which is what it is really all about. Parting you from your money in the best possible taste with famous chefs, top performers and mind blowing effects all paid for by people losing. Had the best burger I've ever eaten though at Bellagio.
The GF is very taken with the place but even she doubts she would be likely to return.... Once is enough. It is so busy, noisy, frantic and that's before you start counting the cost.

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