Monday, 12 May 2014


Before leaving the valley we drove into the visitor centre as our tickets from the tour were valid thus saving $20 a   vehicle. The views are stunning and if I go on a bit its because I found it such an amazing place.
Headed north to Mesa Verde, stopping at 4 corners for lunch, having paid $10 to park......seemed a good idea before we knew about the $ called because 4 states meet here..... Utah,Colorado, Arizona & New Mexico and they have put a plaque on the ground so you can stand in all 4 states at once blah blah....anyway it was very windy, and bad weather is sweeping in, including snow. For the last week we haven't dropped below 6000 ft and the next few days are predicted as a severe winter storm ( in may????) so we have had some cold nights.
Arrived Cortez,  weather  v.cold and snow showers forecast......bloody hell it was 102° last week.
Drive was another long boring day and I can understand the necessity for the rumble strips on the shoulder and down the middle. We play country & western on the radio but stations fade out just as they get interesting.
We are out in the back of beyond and towns look impoverished, closed up, falling down and more ramshackle than Spain. Certainly doesn't look like the land of plenty so far.
More to follow.

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