Monday, 26 May 2014



Up late after Saturday night and brunch at Navy Pier listening to Jazz. More hop on hop off until we were both falling and Chicago crowded for holiday weekend. Had to return to base at 3pm for zzzzzzz and then out for dinner. Suddenly realised that we hadn't ridden the El so we bought 2 tickets and did the Loop  followed by Chicago by night tour until 10pm and a long walk home through the park still thronged.
Monday morning checked out but left bags at hotel and took the hotel shuttle to the planetarium where we saw 2 excellent shows and great exhibtions. Caught bus uptown to lunch at Giradanos the original and best pizza house which did not disappoint with the no.1 classic stuffed pizza....all others will be judged by this now. Back to hotel to pick up bags and taxi to Union Station. Am now esconced in the metropolitan lounge waiting for the call having checked bags and booked 8pm dinner slot...could get used to travelling like this.
Goodbye Chicago,  top town even if I do keep singing that bloody sinatra song, and may well return someday.


  1. You're going to need a holiday to recover from this holiday!

  2. Yes. And we're off to the west country in the van 5 days after we get home