Thursday, 15 May 2014


We are heading home (?) to Vegas. Cracking drive from Moab through the Badlands where Butch Cassidy and the Wild Bunch hid out and when you look down into the canyons it all makes sense. Weather is terrific, arrived Beaver  3.30, (Butch Cassidy born here) .......refueled at Richfield but debit card wouldn't work so used credit card....I won't bother to describe the tribulations of the debit card but it has always worked eventually. Got to campsite, paid with debit card..refused so used credit card. Rang Nationwide using Skype , card was has been cloned and they monitored 3 transactions in a computer software store called Blizzard yesterday which they thought suspicious and when I tried to put $ 116   for fuel in a Chevron station they shut it down. This is our joint card and mine is now dead and we/are assured that the GFs card is still active and if its not we might be in trouble.....only joking as we have backups for this eventuality. We ar e still in Utah where buying alcohol is quite difficult, like Morocco and anything over 3.2% can only be bought in a State liquor store which are very difficult to find as they look like abandoned shops , with no advertising or signs .Happily D&M tracked it down in Beaver and I have a 2 ltr  Concho y Toro merlot at $ 9.99 which is sublimely drinkable so goodnight......,.

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