Sunday, 30 June 2013


We are intending to watch the tour de france flash by on Thurs 4 july and expect to be at Chapelle St. Gabrielle. The van will probably be in the campsite but we will be on the road and the peleton  is expected at the  crossroads we are targeting somewhere between 15.04 to 15.09 French time (14.04 to 14.09 BST)
I don't ( so far) have a union jack or a silly costume and I will not be running alongside any cyclists  although Bob may be overcome by all that Lycra and testosterone and any offer of a crossbar may be taken.
I do however have a large blue and white Auto-Trail golfing umbrella and will wave this furiously for all our fans set the video to ITV4 and try to pick us out


  1. Will be watching - might even try and record it for posterity...