Sunday, 14 July 2013

That's that then.....

21 June-10 July

A bit late but better than never.....
Only stayed the one night near Embrun as it was cold overnight and headed for Provence. Lovely scenic drive down the valley of the Durance to a lovely campsite looking over to the hills of luberon and 5 mins from village of Oraison. Could have been perfect and worth considering buying a chalet for €16000 if it hadn't been for the powers cables passing overhead and spoiling the view. Had a very pleasant 3 days in the sunshine then another excellent drive through the countryside to St.Gabriel.  Campsite was indeed full, only 2 pitches unoccupied when we arrived but my foreplanning had paid off and I managed to get the one that allowed the satellite to get a signal so that we could follow the Tour and Wimbledon.
Excellent site, old farm house and ancient Relais on the route from Rome to Santiago de Compostheap with very pleasant owners who provided a wonderful paella night after the tour had passed.
The tour was over in a flash. Did indeed go right past the front door and a goodly crowd assembled. We all took our chairs up to claim a spot around midday and the roads were closed at 12. The caravan whizzed past at speed chucking sweets,drinks and hats with enough lack of care to have someone's eye out and the riders shot by in about 6 secs around 3.30 although Cav  did spot us and stop for a quick fact, we may have cost him his chance of a 25th stage win today. Sorry.
Friday 5th
The journey northwards. A cracking scenic aire in the Cevennes at Florac (and a great drive); a not so scenic aire at Aigueperse and then my favourite aire on the Yonne at Gurgy which was packed.
After 3 nights in Aires, decided a campsite would be good so stopped at Guignicourt, north of Reims. Obviously the holidays have started in the UK as the site was full of GB caravans on the way down south.
Next day up to Aire at Gravelines, again v.busy.
Excellent last supper at Le Turbot despite Madame being as snotty as ever.
And now home with no nasties in the post and time to reflect on a terrific 66 days.........checking the camera revealed 1860 pics so visitors are pre warned.

Turkey was a revelation and I'm  sure we'll go back even if it's a hotel holiday in Istanbul. We've done 5575 miles and it feels like it but worth every mile and penny.

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  1. おつかれさまでした!
    Glad you had a super holiday and that you got back safely.