Sunday, 2 June 2013


02.06 2013
Today's drive to Kas was fairly long at 180 miles but took us past many sites of Roman ruins and some people decided to start off at 07.00 in order to stop off at a couple. ONBF  and R&M were in this camp whereas we thought 08.00  was probably far too early. So they decided to go off surprise there then.
However, when I surfaced at 07.30 and walked out to get fresh bread, R&M were just leaving and ONBF were still messing around, so I wandered over to discover that they had another flat tyre and were changing the wheel. So  I helped, and stayed until they were OK. They insisted their plans were now changed and that finding a puncture repair shop was a priority , understandably , so we left them to it.
Headed first to Aspendos, a rather magnificent  site on the way to Antalya with the best preserved amphitheatre in Asia.(aren't they all ?) It is impressive, and they were setting up for a performance of Aida tonight which must have been fantastic. We ran into R&M who were concerned about ONBF ......but not concerned enough to stay and help, obviously. My tongue was bitten.
Then followed an exceedingly hard drive. I had planned to stop off at least one other site but the traverse of Antalya was delayed by what we thought must be the aftermath of a riot, many of which are sweeping Turkey this week and then a tortuous coastal road through mountains that lasted for ever
but was quite spectacular. The campsite was across the road from its own private beach with all facilities and we had time for a swim followed by a jolly good group meal on a terrace hanging over the beach.
Both suffering from biting things last night.


  1. That doesn't sound good, what did you bite that made you suffer? At least you won't do it again...

  2. Oh dear. Pass me my corsets, I think. I'm going to split my sides with laughter