Friday, 7 June 2013

Back to the seaside.....


Easy drive across to Kusadasi on the coast, a very pleasant coastal resort catering for the massive cruisers calling in to "the gateway to Ephesus " the largest and most impressive of the Roman sites. Great campsite in centre of town opposite the beaches and minutes from centre. Nice dinner on the campsite and wander round town. We are now driving with mckj as a matter of course as we have much more fun with much so that they have persuaded Bob that we should join them on a trip to Morocco in Feb 2014.  M&C went  on a tour last year, as did Geoff & Sue, and  have described it in glowing terms. I have been suggesting it for 5 years, since we are almost there in Spain each year, but Malc has offered to lead us and Ken&Jackie so we are making arrangements to meet in Algeciras round mid-feb and head for Marrakech. Now that will be fun.
Tour to the remains at Ephesus did not disappoint, very spectacular, even ABA. Nice buffet lunch, then the basilica of St. John, not the baptist, the gospel writer and his tomb and , I kid you not, the house of the Virgin Mary., both of whom lived here, along with Paul who went everywhere it seems, and Alex the Great who conquered, and lived in, every inch of Turkey. As our guide said, Turkey is one vast open air museum and in this area you're never more than 20 miles from the ruins of an ancient city......over 100 discovered so far and many more waiting.
Kusadasi very classy town, could be anywhere in Europe except for the hassle of traders.

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