Sunday, 23 June 2013

At leisure


After the rigours of touring we decided to have a holiday. Whilst it was a terrific trip, there is no doubt that it was fairly hard going....over 4500 miles already, and at least another 1000 before home...with few real rest days, as there was always somewhere to go or something to do. Last year this tour was 45 days, cut to 40 this year with no fewer locations or visits, and we all agreed that those 5 days of leisure would have been most welcome. So we need a break.
First to Bologna. A fine city, with excellent campsite on outskirts of town serviced by a regular bus to city centre and near roundabout with exceedingly nubile young ladies apparently offering to wash cars or give directions and I suspect that the shortness of clothing was on account of the heat...which was a bit of a problem, being 37°, nearly100.
So sightseeing limited to one morning. Very grand city with lots of colonnades for shade thankfully. Very hot in van at night and sitting outside compromised by biting insects.....take your choice. Very good campsite but pricey @ €29pn.
Next to lake garda. Intended to go to Bella Italia but email from Christine said it was packed & hot, no shade left and they were on football pitch and lots of kids ( they stopping one night on way home). So picked Fossalta as it seemed less likely to be full and it wasn't. V.nice camp on lake but 30 min  walk along beach to any civilisation .  No big deal so here for 5-7 days before heading to Provence and tour de france.

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