Thursday, 13 June 2013

Out of Turkey, back to Greece

The weather breaks and a miserable run up the Gallipoli peninsular to the Greek border. Worst roads yet. No problem crossing despite having to dodge a lengthy line of lorries waiting to clear 3 Turkish checkpoints (customs,police,vehicle) with only one one lane functioning and a dirt track into Greece where again only one booth was operating. Heard later that Peter and Barbera  passed one Turkish checkpoint where the window was closed and therefore missed getting the requisite stamp and were refused permission to exit the final gate at gunpoint and had to renter Turkey which involved presenting documents at 3 windows and paying €15 in order to be  allowed to then turn round and exit Turkey in the correct manner. Much hilarity as it took them 2 hours but they took it in good humour as its a story to dine out on for years.
Arrived Alexandropolis midday, massive shop at Lidls, walk into town and beer on the prom, then drinks chez nous for friends. Bit of an end of term atmosphere building up even though we still have Delphi ( and my own detour to the pass of Thermopylae and the Spartan's monument) yet to come.

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