Sunday, 16 June 2013

Mt.Olympus to the Oracle via Thermopylae

A straightforward run from Alexandropolis in sunshine again. Stopping for morning coffee at a lay by I discovered a farm stall and succumbed to cherries, oranges, a litre of farm Ouzo and a 2 litre plastic bottle of their own wine, to much derision. A swim in the sea was very pleasant in the afternoon and at evening meeting was asked to give presentation on the battle of Thermopylae, the monument to which we shall pass nearby. When evening drinks chez nous were commenced, the 2 litres of wine disappeared in a flash with criticism that more was not purchased although the Ouzo was universally condemned and may well be causing the loss of sight in one eye. Things got raucous and continued to the restaurant  where we had a splendid meal on the terrace overlooking the sea , followed by port and brandy  chez nous to round off a super day. Things may be getting rowdy which bodes well for the now almost certain Moroccan trip next Feb.
Highway robbery alive and well in Greece as we  were continually mugged at toll booths between Plaka and Delphi. At one point charged 5€ for 1 km of motorway, and first 50 miles cost 21€. Stopped at Thermopylae to take photos of the statue of  Leonidas, the Spartan king who when leading 300 Spartans against 300,000 Persians replied to the demand from Xerxes to " lay down your arms" with "Come  and get them". Fine statue.....if you don't know what I'm on about, it's all in Wikipedia.
The campsite at Delphi is the must stunning location ever encountered....on a terrace in the mountains, high above the town of Itea looking across the valley to the sea with a view to die for. Site is family run and the sons provided a liberal welcome with ouzo and a promise to teach us how to dance Greek style when we have our last and final meal on Sunday before heading to Patra and the ferry back to Italy on monday.

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