Saturday, 18 May 2013

Turkish was going to be said sometime


An early start for a short journey but everyone paranoid re entering Turkey, having right paperwork, getting visa etc. In the event it was hard to figure out what all the fuss was about. Road from Alexandroupolis was crap of the nth degree but toll free only capped by the first Turkish road which was cobbled for 8 miles. Filled up with diesel en  route and took opportunity to top up with LPG causing consternation as they couldn't believe I had a hybrid engine running both diesel & LPG and therefore had to show them what was required.
Border crossing was simple enough although a bit tortuous as the customs wouldn't look at you until you had been to the police window ( next one along and the same person)  and bought the visa (€15 each) ...and why in € when the currency is lira ?....smacks of fistful of €'s across the border in the morning..until eventually we had the the right stamps in the right places and were on our way.
Had to cross the centre of Erdine with notes from our leader but TomTom had better ideas and we found the campsite without problem. Others ( such as ONBF stuck to the notes (and their Garmin)  religiously and we last saw them heading into downtown  Erdine as the roads got smaller & smaller.
They eventually arrived an hour behind us having had to travel  another 30 miles to extricate themselves from the city centre.....not sure they are still ONBF  but I am spending more & more time with Malc & Ken who can't help being northern but can produce alcohol out of the ether and who appear to have limitless supplies.
Weather now's 8pm and temp in van is 34. so everybody outside chatting and drinking.......
(and being bitten by things  they'd rather not think about)
Campsite is basic but acceptable...a field outside Edirne with low voltage electrics and hot water.. and apart from us there is a group of 6 Italian vans  and another of  12 German vans so traveling in groups very much the norm.
Nb an impromptu boules session saw the men regain their honour by winning 2-0

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