Monday, 27 May 2013

On to Ccentral Turkey

A cracking drive through great scenery only spoilt by some awful roads to Nevesehir ( Newcity, but most of them seem to be) As we drove across the Anatolian plains there was little sign of human habitation, but what there was appeared to have been recently built.
A furious debate had erupted the night before, isolating the 2 Garmins which appear to be on a different planet. However, the smug tomtoms discovered there be dragons on their routes and they refused to follow the route recommended by our guides for the last 30km. Normally everybody treats this as a challenge for embellishing tales of derring-do and no harm is done, but dire warnings were issued not to approach our camp from east as it involved an incredibly steep cobbled road with a series of hairpins used by coaches that took no prisoners. 'Nuff said. All the satnavs however thought we must be a bunch of woosses and were determined to have us up this mountainside. Sanity prevailed as the women forbade anyone to attempt it, and Alan & Pat looked relieved at the group pledge to follow his notes. Most satnavs were switched off with 35km to go as we all got sick of ever more strident instructions to head off into outback.
We all arrived safe & sound to a site on the top of the hills with superb views across the weird lunar landscape of Cappodocia and the Goreme Valley and National Park. The rocks are very soft sandstone, sculpted by high winds,rain & snow into huge conical formations that people have tunnelled into, carving great underground cities many levels deep.
However, last nights fun was the arrival of a French tour and a German tour at the same time with only space for one group we all congregated under Ken's awning to watch the cabaret which lasted a good 45 mins and ended with the French abandoning their vans in the roadways and going off to the camp bar.
This meant nothing moved and the Germans with ill grace had to settle  for also camping in roadways, so close to each other they   would not have been allowed in the UK.  The problem is a lack of sites (the Turks do not camp or travel in motorhomes) and the growth of tours like we are on......and talking to a charming French lady later, their route is almost identical to ours.

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