Friday, 17 May 2013

At leisure


Walked into town last night along the beach and promenade. Very bustling with wall to pavement cafes and restaurants. Today was cleaning and tidying, then a stroll into the town again for coffee and a beer. Economy might be bust but the bars are full of Greeks and a smallish glass of beer costs €4 which I think is expensive. Beach is scrubby and nothing here makes us think that we would return even though seafront is reasonably attractive. Weather hot & sultry in the high 20's and forecast to get hotter.
Tomorrow the trip really begins as we head into Turkey and negotiate the border crossing near Edirne which may or may not be fun. We are well stocked with bottled water, food and drink and the water tanks are full as campsite showers may well be avoided for the next 30 days ( along with the toilets).
We are  camped next to a guy called Mark who has ridden  a motorbike from England za and is on his way to India via anywhere ending in -stan. The bike is a Husqvana  trail bike specially modified with paniers and oversize fuel tank and extra-all-terrain tyres. He came down through Albania which sounds like an experience for the young and adventurous and is extremely laid back about the perils ahead after Turkey. Good luck, Mark, I hope you make it safely.

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