Thursday, 16 May 2013

It's all greek to me.....


Part of being in a group is discovering like minded fellow travellers, so it will come as no surprise that I have linked up with Malc and Ken who can't pass a bar without stopping and who have well stocked cellars on board. Their wives, Christine and Jacky, are also like minded, so we had a nice walk along the beach (stony but nice views) visiting the numerous emporiums whose sole purpose is purveying strong we are now best buddies.
I am not intending to ditch ONBF as the car will prove very useful, and whilst they are entertaining, they try to have 3 non-drinking days a week (with varying success, it has to be said). Whilst laudable in itself, it does get in the way of jollity as I discovered when we all had a meal in the restaurant on wed. night together.u
with Richard & Monica. (Bob having taken to her bed, after I had fed her I decided to accept the invitation to dine with the others as life is to short.....)
The campsite restaurant setting was to die for....a terrace perched over the beach, all flowers, blue tiles and canopies looking over the Aegean. All Shirley Valentine. Had a cracking meal but whilst I thought I was being abstemious with a half litre of red the other 4 had a small beer each..........very odd.
Thurs morning and Bob back in the land of the living thank goodness albeit now coughing. Left Plaka at 8.30 with ONBF ( we travel in 2's for company, assistance and arguing over the route and my TomTom is invariably correct and superior to a Garmin). Longish drive 260 miles but at Alexandropolis Municipal camping by 13.30 after part interesting, part boring journey.....nb few if any services, even on  toll roads so have to divert off for fuel and rest breaks which then becomes a lottery as to whether you can get back on motorway as it's not always guaranteed.

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