Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Turkey 3......its hard to be original all the time


On the road to Constantinople on the scenic route which wasn't but which was patrolled by numerous traffic police monitoring ridiculous speed limits which dropped from 110 to 70 to 50 on  a dual carriageway at each minor junction, the 50 kph lasting for maybe 200 yards. We had the pleasure of a police car for some 10 miles who were obviously debating the options of a Mexican shakedown before deciding we weren't worth the bother and taking off with a salute and a cheery wave. We pulled off at various fuel stations in search of the elusive motorway toll transponder always to be assured that it was available the next Shell station....   its like Portugal - everybody should have one but nobody knows where to get one and we will need one on the long haul to Ankara.....which my ever faithful TomTom informs me is an area of limited mapping and there may be dragons......so much for modern  technology.
Tallking of which I upset ONBF again by ignoring the daily route recommendation (whereas they didn't )  and following the TomTom arrived at our campsite 30 mins before them after having turned off the suggested route with only 12 km to go....  albeit having to traverse 6 km of something that could never be described as a road. However they were not amused but who wants to follow step by step instructions slavishly ? It turned out that 3 of us followed our satnavs and found the shorter, quicker route , much to the despair of team leader who provides these routes and feels let down when people ignore them.......
So .....  close to Istanbul. A lovely rural site with bullfrogs in the pond making a racket like a pack of hounds and we are by bus in the morning for 3 days of sightseeing in temps of 30+.

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