Friday, 10 May 2013

The merry band assembles..

From Bellinzona to Parma was uneventful apart from chaos at the Italian border where one or other of the customs were on a go slow. Fortunately I spotted a seemingly empty lane for caravans, overtook 2 lanes of stationery traffic for 500 metres and whipped through without anyone seeming to notice or care if they did. We were probably caught on CCTV and have a European arrest warrant out. The mirth was short lived as we ran into hell on earth transiting the Milan tangential or the product of the M25 and. spaghetti junction.. Chaos was a polite description. Then on to Parma and a very pleasant little campsite in the countryside at Tabiano, a thermal spa town.
To San Marino by 1pm and meeting up with the rest of the group who seem a happy bunch. We have drinks and a meal this evening and and no doubt there will be more to say on group dynamics in a while.


  1. Play nicely now ;) and don't get too drunk.

  2. "Don't get too drunk" - hope over expectation there, Bob...