Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Off to Greece...first calamity

The meal was very good and a motley crew has assembled who are well travelled, interesting and not taking things too seriously which may prove a problem for our revered leader sometime in the future. We have made instant friends with one of the 2 caravanners  Geoff & Sue who are parked next to us, arrived at the same time and seem to be on our wave length..... and may prove handy for transport with their car.
At leisure. Into San Marino by bus (with a crowd of fellow tourers) which is not so much a country as a shopping mall and pizza parlour. Pleasant enough place with great views but little to warrant lingering. Nice lunch with our new best friends .
Left campsite at 9am  for run to Ancona (119 km) where we boarded ferry overnight to Igoumenitsa  in Greece. Farcical loading procedure involving much shouting and swearing which could have been avoided by simply explaining where they wanted each unit to park instead of assuming we were mind readers. Left port at 14.00 - ETA 08.00/09.00 depending on who you ask. Bob not feeling too well.
Food & drinks on board Minoan Lines extremely expensive - 42€  for dinner for 2 indifferent plates and 2 drinks. Good chat with Geoff & Sue, now officially  our new best friends ( or Onbf ) sitting on the deck in glorious sunshine as we sailed the Adriatic. Passable night in cabins as the camping deck was full . Times all to cock as Greece is CET +1HR  and the boat operates on Greek time always. So up at 06.30 but docking was 09.00 and not 08.00 as we had been told so a lot of sitting around.
When we rejoined vehicles Geoff found flat tyre on caravan ( double axle jobby.... V.expensive on toll roads). Managed to reinflate and we followed them to nearest fuel station ( diesel 20c cheaper than Italy so everybody needed to fill up) where nice man got in his car and led them off to a tyre shop. We stayed at fuel station and are waiting for them to return as I type..(unless they've been sold into slavery already)

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