Tuesday, 12 January 2016


12 . Jan 2016
The journey down was uneventful but filthy......the weather just as nasty as that we had left. The Sarthe was high but not overflowing so the aire at La Suze was available although again busy. Fortunately, local knowledge being invaluable, though all the hookups were taken ( much to the apparent delight of a brit who leaned out of his van to tell me the bleeding obvious) I know that there are some standby electric sockets on the wall of the public convenience which can be reached with a long lead. So it rained all night and all the next day to Bordeaux together with a strong headwind coming off the Atlantic.
Mon 4th at Bordeaux. If the weather had been better we would have lingered as the cycle tracks are so brilliant, and at least it was warm.
Tues 5th.To Burgos, where the rain had stopped but not the wind. Temp down to 0° but no hint of snow. Walked along river to city, decided to stay a day abd do the cathedral, but morning dawned cold and overcast so the GF said move. One day we will stop at Burgos for more than one night.
Wed 6th. Rained all the way to Caceres, but temp 10° as opposed to last year when it was -5° and forced us into the campsite rather than the aire.. strolled into town for a drink ...v busy being epiphany or Kings as they call it.
Note....Diesel is 75p a litre in Spain, cheapest for about 8 years and 30p cheaper than the UK. 
Thurs 7th. Another overcast and rainy day until Jerez where the skies cleared. Found a new LPG station 100yds off the motorway in Seville which meant we could fill the tanks without having to drive into Jerez and waste time. Arrived Conil at 3.30, having stopped for essential supplies ...a box of 4 Parta Negra down from €10 last year to €9.40 wich is another result...though not for the liver.
The weather is warm and sunny. Rained Monday . Apparently nov/Dec were superb with one day of rain so it's bound to change now.
All the usual suspects are either already here or arrived soon after us,Paul  & Marianne being the last to arrive on Sunday, having had their Portsmouth Santander ferry cancelled on Tuesday ( when we were in bordeaux and congratulating ourselves on not being in the Bay of Biscay.). This meant going to Caen and losing 3 days plus 600 miles of unexpected driving with his bad shoulder.
The Japanese Good Luck Charm has been scheduled for Saturday ...with or without me....and is now a full blown Harry & Joan Production. ...take cover.


  1. Happy New Year to you both. Glad to see you got down to Conil safely. Thank you (I think) for my wholly inappropriate birthday card - it did makes us laugh :-)

    Looking forward to reading all about your adventures on the blog

    ND & Padders

  2. Ah, Saturday could be sayonara to the old good luck charm but a bit more of a wait until the new one arrives...