Monday, 4 January 2016

OFF TO THE SUN.......hopefully but not yet


Packing seemed hard this year as the GF insisted on the kitchen sink. We're away for 3 months so she has planned for every eventuality plus some more. The van felt sluggish, suggesting a high payload. Weather forecast indicated rain all the way and so far has been correct.
Left home 15.30. Channel tunnel surprisingly inefficient and although we were offered an ealier train than our booking we only left 5 mins before the original time as they seemed to be doubling up. And when we arrived at calais the Ron Haslam Racing School transit van in front of us refused to start. Jean-Pierre who drove the tow truck was on his dinner break and it took 1/2 hour to find him and get Ron Haslam shifted whilst 50 odd vehicles waited.Heigh ho.
Having searched the forums for migrant reports around Calais and found nothing serious since October, the plan was to head for the aire at the marina and see how the land lay...number of vans overnighting and signs of migrants. Maybe because it was pouring with rain nobody was about but only 2 vans so we headed over to the usual site opposite the ferry where we found 30-40 vans and not too many vacant slots so we slotted in nicely. Having eaten out at lunchtime we did the crossword and sudoku in the Telegraph and went to bed. The predicted storm materialised and strong winds all night and heavy rain.
Sunday morning dawned later than usual due to CET, but the wind had abated....temporarily as it transpired.  Off to la Suze SUR Sarthe and had one the nastiest days driving ever. The wind was head on and rain relentless. The wind was so strong that it looked doubtful if we could get to the SuperU  at La  Suze for cheap refuelling so had to put some diesel  in on the motorway. ..
Diesel is €1.14 -1.25  on the motorway or €0.98 at the supermarket. With the € around 75p these days, that is a lot cheaper than the UK as usual.
Monday 4/ Bordeaux. Started sunny but horrendous rain by the time we arrived though temp still mild..  new wonder wifi hotspot fails to work.

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