Friday, 22 January 2016

THE DAYS JUST FLY PAST.....and then you get ill

Jan 12th. - Jan 31st. 2016

We'll try again as I lost an hours ramblings yesterday through pressing the wrong tit on the bluetooth keyboard ( just to show that I am a techie). .  as I am still confined to the sickbay trying to shake off an irritating and debillitating chest infection, more of which later. I would have posted sooner but the last 3 weeks have been hectic socially and we've only spent 4 nights in on our own
WEEK 1 flew past, getting unpacked and set up, catching up on all the news around from old acquaintances and meeting some new ones. The situation in Morocco has meant that the french aren't going in their usual numbers and we have a new lot of friends  here now. Our new neighbours are Josef and Carmen, been going to Agadir for the last 10 years but not again. They speak no english so my french improves daily. They all play boules so the boules courts are now overcrowded and the competition is fierce but great fun internationally. The first quiz of the season saw us come a creditable third with 39 behind 2 dubious scores of 39.5 after the contested awarding of an extremely dodgy half point. ....and as we should not have changed 2 answers, morally we should have had 41 anyway. Harry&Joan have teamed up with Paul&Caroline (both expartners of ours but good) and beat Don&Sandra Phil&Anne in the tiebreak....we'd have still come third in the tiebreak if the half point hadn't been given.
The GF got her owm back by winning the whist(females) but Harry was as usually unbearable by winning the men's prize and thus claiming the double.
New friends also included Derek& Laurel, Canadians or Australians or (possibly Kiwis) having dual passports, houses on 2 continents and embarking on a world tour. We met them over dinner and they were leaving next day but stayed a fortnight after enjoying the pleasures Conil has to offer. They were great company and Laurel keeps an interesting blog but it's private and needs a password and they'll kill me if I divulge If the 2 of you are  reading this, happy & safe travels and when you pass through the UK again, send us an email and we'll meet up. Highlight of the week was the Harry&Joan Production of the Token Ceremony with a cast of thousands (17), a dragon, Horseman, Geishas and no-expense-spared firework display (€34). No words can do justice so you'll have to watch the Videos on YouTube. Search for Japanese charm Ceremony 2016 (1-4) but Joan and Pia did an incrediblejob on costumes. I've suggested a public execution scene for next year with Harry in the leading role. The week wrapped up with local San Sebastian festival, as colourful and noisy as ever.
WEEK2 started with a bang with the Rosaleda Oyster Fest when Laurent&Jaqueline took delivery of dozens of oysters she ordered for those interested from Arcachon (one of my favourite places in France) and sent by courier. It was a remarkable occasion for me as I learnt to shuck oysters in industrial numbers.....all the oysters that I've ever eaten and I never learnt the secret as it seemed fraught with the possibility of losing digits or punching holes through hands. But no, after 5 mins of instruction , Jaqueline and Jean-Yves had me stabbing,wiggling,twisting and finally cutting & draining like a huitrier in a  Paris bistro. Top fun. There were 20 dozen to do so we had a few glasses of wine before the hordes arrived. There were meats and salads for those not included and I enjoyed a wonderful plate of 24 very large oysters for €24........and a lot more wine from the banks of the Loire. Quiz was a disaster this week and we didn't score but I did win the men's whist just to annoy Harry.
WEEK 3 started with me feeling unwell with a cough which got prgressively worse and there was a lot of it about. I tried to battle through, perhaps mistakenly. Couldn't miss the quiz, and we creamed it coming first with 47/50......and I won the whist again, completing the double and taking the earnings up to €65. If there was a prize for Line Dancing (and Harry & I could dance, we would no doubt be competing for that). The coughing got worse ,despite buying medicaments from the Pharmacy so I ended up at the new local Centro Medico San Sebastian, having been told by the Insurance Co. to tell them to send the bill direct to them. After they stopped laughing, they swiped the credit card for €120 and sent me back to the Pharmacy to spend another €27 on what appears to the contents of a small dispensary. But I did get a cd which contains the Xray and results from machines that go beep...I wonder if the NHS has a program that that can open and read said cd. If it doesn't clear up in 3 days I can go back at no extra charge so nothing to lose. There's been a lot more so I'll drop thosr into future posts.

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