Thursday, 4 June 2015


However the blog app doesn't as I lost a second posting after 20mins and I'm sick of it. I did put an emoticon in the title of each which I've never done  before so maybe..

So I liked Nantes,top city,a view not altogether shared by the GF (and we seldom disagree on these matters,but she  failed to succomb  to its charms)especially  when we discovered after we had left that 2 large bathtowels had been stolen overnight,having been left to dry on the wing mirrors as usual. Never had anything  stolen before so were aggrieved  and violated.
Anyway I have written  a lot about Nantes twice  and I'm not doing it again,just a summary.
1.Great campsite despite towel thieves, close to city centre. Neat,tidy,clean & handy for
2. Great tram service stopped outside door and
3. 480 kms of cycle paths/lanes which work and have good priority.
Bikes,trams,walkers and then cars.
4. Easy city to navigate,wide boulevards great for cycling.
5. At least 3 rivers Loire,Cher,Erdre all with cycle paths.
6. A least 2 lovely gardens....One Japanese.
7.Some great architecture.
8. An interesting history,built on the profits of ship building and the slave trade. And a very moving and informative  monument and permanent  exhibition to the slave trade past.
9. Finally,The Machines on the Iles  des Machines.  An excellent place to spend a day ..........

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