Sunday, 21 June 2015



Vallee des Vignes at Concourson sur Layon was a disappointment. Nowhere near the Loire or its cycle routes and the river Layon  was a stream hard to find.
English run and nothing but UK visitors, including another C&CC rally run by the same stewards as ran the one at Cheverny and hard to avoid.  We had been seduced by promises of cycle paths which failed to materialise , only quiet and not so quiet local roads, hard to navigate without a local map, so we just roamed around the villages trying to find one with a bar or cafe which was more difficult than one might imagine.........
Anyway, we soon ran out of options and decided that staying any longer was not a great prospect so sent a text to D&M suggesting another site on the Loire between Angers and Saumur which turned out to be a gem. On a hillside among vines and wonderful views over the river valley and along to Saumur. Lovely staff who went beyond the call of duty to get us tickets for Puy de Fou where I am now sitting in the rain.
And it was hot.
D&M arrived soon after us to much hugging and kissing .....
the GF entertained for dinner and a lovely time had by all...

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