Thursday, 4 June 2015

And it's hot

4th June 2015

After leaving Nantes,we headed back along the Loire to a pretty little village called Bouchemaine, about 10km south of Angers.  Nice commercial aire on the banks of the Maine or Sarthe depending on which map you read, but probably the Maine now I look at the village's name (doh!)
Cycle path along river to Angers  but for various reasons we didn't get round to it apart from an hours walk. Would like to go back and do it....nice spot.
Then on Wednesday to Concourse sur Layon where we hope to meet up with D&M

Temperature at 5pm is 31c and tomorrow  forecast 33.
According to my weather App the highest temp  recorded here is 28c in 2011so a bit of a heatwave.
Oh..,and my hayfever has been horrendous for 3 weeks and my usual pills are sending me to sleep for some reason, as they never used to.

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