Sunday, 1 June 2014



Both getting tired and looking forward to home although not the hassle of getting out to JFK  in the rush hour. Have decided to pass on the cheap option of air shuttle via subway and train, pass on the fixed fare Yellow Cabs in case they don't want to go at that time and booked the hotel limo for $70 at 5pm.
This morning we did the Rockefeller Centre and then went to the top for the view...awesome...then took the subway to Soho, mooched around the designer stores and having difficulty finding a lunch stop ended up back in Greenwich Village where we had a pleasant brunch in  one of the many  English taverns.
Then intended doing the north part of Central Park but the trains were a nightmare due to maintenance so only got back lower part again and sat in the sun as we were both shattered. Eventually walked back to hotel for a rest before a very light supper around Times Square. Now sitting in business centre waiting to check in on line when it opens at 9.30pm and hopefully print boarding passes.

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  1. Hi both. Have really enjoyed reading your blog and followed your travels across the US. Sounds like you have had an unforgettable experience. Look forward to hearing all about it again when we next see you. Safe trip home. :-)