Sunday, 8 June 2014



We are down in the West Country for van servicing and recuperation. some thoughts on America, as virgins that I am happy to throw open for discussion..and the GF & I are much in agreement
What we liked

Service. .without fail we were greeted,  served , and helped with smiles, courtesy & and a genuine attitude to be of assistance.
Everywhere , people spoke to us and started conversations, and wanted to talk.
The museums which openly confonted their past history regarding segregation, slavery and
their treatment of Indians (now native Americans).
Subways (incl NY which is a pussycat)
New York,  Chicago & Washington
Las Vegas (GF)
Toilets....Don't ask
The scenery.
Motor homes and campsites. esp waste disposal systems. Details supplied if required.
Hotels. ..
Hotel shuttles
Ice cold water in restaurants when you sat down and constant refills
Seldom having to ask for the check and then processed quickly.
The barman at the Holiday Inn Washington who slid a beer down the bar to me and set one up without asking.

What we disliked

Tipping.....esp having 3 options shown on a restaurant bill with the largest  ringed by the waiter.
Inability to make tea.
Los Angeles.
Las Vegas (paul)
Gloopy food. ....ask and we will elaborate.
Petrol stations. ...prepayment
Credit card swiping instead of chip and pin.
Toilet Paper .....don't ask
Constant queuing
Traffic lights that stay red forever. Pedestrian crossings where the lights are red and the road is clear for 50 miles but nobody moves.
Difficulty in distinguishing currency notes.
Bank ATM s that charge for cash withdrawals and close at night and all weekends.
American tv. ..apart from baseball which is all we watched as every other channel was  adverts .
The homeless and vagrants

Other observations

Finding alcohol in Utah
Not finding alcohol in the reservations.
Amazing variety of beers and microbreweries.
Cost of home grown wine.
I still hate Starbucks but its ok for breakfast apart from the tea.
Nearly every house has an RV parked in the garden. ...many seem to be permanently parked and lived in
Everybody we got into conversation with was For Obamacare and For gun legislation so what's the problem ?
New York cabbies don't speak english let alone talk you to death or solve the world's problems.

So how you'all doin' now ? Have a great day an' if you need anything, just let us know....


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