Tuesday, 3 June 2014



Monday morning,  repack the bags one last time for the homeward flight,  trying to remember what must go in the checked bags, figuring out what to wear that will be suitable for a hot day in NY, a 6hr flight and a wet Tuesday in london. Having sorted that we check out, leave the bags with the concierge and after breakfast at Starbucks ( yes I know I never set foot in them but they are better in the US ) we head downtown to pay our respects at the 9/11 memorial. Still a huge amount of construction going on but the first tower is rebuilt and will open in Nov. Two memorials are complete where the twin towers were and the new museum is open. The memorials are huge square holes in the ground  where the buildings stood lined in black marble with water cascading down (tears ?)all 4 sides and draining into a square hole in the centre. Around the sides is a parapet topped with a brass frieze into which the names of the victims are cut together with their status (fireman,policeman)  or company. Difficult to describe but we thought very dignified and moving. The GF didnt want to do the museum and the crowds mean a ticketing system is in place and the first available slot was 1pm, a bit late, so I went to the original Tribute centre which was very emotional and spent an hour or so
Lunch then down 6th Ave so the GF could do Maceys whilst I sat in the sun and had a milk shake in Herald Square.
Back to the hotel where our lift to JFK was a beautiful cadillac suv and worth every penny.
More queuing but JFK is efficient,  had a snack and I'm writing this on the bus to Ipswich.
More thoughts may well appear.

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  1. お帰りなさい
    (that's Japanese for 'welcome home')