Sunday, 3 January 2010

Year of the Tiger

Well here we go..........moving into the 21st.Century and abandoning 6 years of handwritten journals,charting our adventures in a motorhome, in favour of the electronic blog. This has been done, kicking and screaming, at the behest of No.1 son Julian who has created this site so that he can keep track of us for some strange reason...which is a bit rich coming from someone who could never remember to call us on Sunday evenings. But I am being uncharitable and shall try to get to grips with this stuff so that you may be entertained with travellers tales from beneath a burning sun whilst you shiver and attempt to keep warm and dry in a British winter.

We hope to be off on january 10th, snow ploughs on the M25 and a lack of ice on the eurotunnel tracks permitting.
The route down to Spain is still in the planning stage due to adverse weather forecasts but I am still favouring the westerly route ( Rouen,Limoges,Bordeaux) as opposed to last years highly expensive toll route (Reims,Lyon,Orange) which nearly did for us before we had started. If the weather forcasts are favourable we shall test the widely held belief that the spanish keep the roads clear and cross the Pyrenees (don't tell Felicity) or if it is not favourable head from Bordeaux to Narbonne /Perpignan. Since we are intending to spend a few days near Barcelona this is probably the most sensible route to take but when did sensible have anything to do with adventure.
Our friends from last year, Nick & Barbera have had to postpone their original starting date until the 15th but we may well hang around Barcelona till they arrive so that we can say hello and ooh thats a nice bottle of wine. They are heading straight down to Conil de la Frontera but we are going to then stop near Valencia for 3 weeks first as the Good Fairy wants to experience the delights of Bencasim.......could be hell on earth but what do I know?
I shall now try and post this rambling to check that all is working and will update before we leave...........
to be continued......


  1. Yes, all seems to be working and coming through loud and clear in Japan. You might want to check your punctuation, though, few apostrophes missing (knowing what a stickler you are for these sort's of thing's).
    Also, just in case you type it in incorrectly to the sat-nav, I think it's Benicasim.
    :-) Welcome to the blogging world

  2. Thank you for those kind words Justin, he said through gritted teeth.Actually it's also Benicassim (with an accent on the a)as this is the welsh equivalent of Spain where all signs are in the local language and spanish.... and I think 'things' is plural and does not require an apostrophe