Thursday, 14 January 2010

Best laid plans

To avoid more confusion amongst our avid readership, we have delayed our departure till Sunday17th, just a week late, as trying to get loaded up in this weather has been unpleasant & difficult, to say the least, and coupled with the dire warnings for the weather in central france mid-week, discretion has been the watchword. So we shall now leave on saturday morning and stop the night at Folkestone before crossing on sunday.
Our friends Nick & Barbera were also due to leave on Wednesday but they have delayed until monday for the same reasons and are now travelling down with another couple we met last year, Bob & Sue, who also are victims of altered arrangements and looking for safety in numbers. They have a caravan however and can only stop at campsites which are mighty thin on the ground at this time of the year in france, so they are all going on the eastern route down to Lyon and Orange then west, which is where we had such an exciting time last year. We are heading down the west coast, Lemans, Tours, Bordeaux then Perpignan and Barcelona. If everything goes to plan we shall all meet at Barcelona for a couple of nights and then meet up again in February when we eventually arrive at Conil de la Frontera for a month. So that's Plan G. Who knows, there may yet be a Plan H,I,J,K..............


  1. So you're leaving Ipswich on Saturday and the UK on Sunday - am I reading that right?

    Like the choice of routes - Le Mans and Bordeaux - cling to the familiar old comfort blankets, eh? ;-)

  2. Quite right young man, but we still expect to skype you sat.morning before we go. As of 17.30 Friday, all systems appear GO, weather forecasts studied, routes memorised, Tomtoms programmed,documents rechecked and all personnel champing at the bit. If it ain't packed now, it ain't going and just minor tweaking with toilets and gas bottles left for the morning whilst a phillipino cleans up the house........

  3. We will be ready to receive your broadcast - T minus 7 hours and counting...