Monday, 4 January 2010

Year of the snow leopard ?

The route has been finalised for the nth. time and is still subject to the ever changing/worsening weather forecasts which do not bode well.......but heigh-ho we're off to sunny spain, viva espagne...hopefully. The van will be picked up on Wednesday after a trip to the blacksmith for new shoes on the front and hooked up to get some warmth into it's rather chilly interior before we start loading up on pre-flight checklist indicates a separate trailer will be required for the ever increasing collection of electronic gizmos and their attendant chargers.

Friday....... starting date cancelled as massive snow storms forecast for central France & most of Europe with snow down to the Riviera. This is due to move eastward and hopefully we will be clear by mid-week so have changed booking to Wednesday but that is still flexible. The problem is really that I can't load the van and do all the little tweaky things that men do before starting out on a very long trip as it keeps snowing and is very cold......14.20 and it's started snowing again. I never knew it would be so hard to leave England.

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