Wednesday, 6 July 2016


Wednesday 6th July 2016

Tuesday/Wednesday 5/6 July

Not many others opt to split the journey bug in hindsight it was a great decision.  We did 10 3 miles one day and 118 the next at a very lesurely pace, stopping often and had time to pick up 5 caches along the way, visit an out of the way waterfall, mooch round GOL,FLÅ and KONGSBURG where the Jazz festival was just beginning, annoy and then befriend a dutchman and cement Sino-British relationships. The waterfall was off the path and reached by a very wavery wood and wire suspension bridge over a significant drop and a raging torrent. Unfortunately no photos available. We had hoped to find a nice picnic spot on the banks of a river or fjord to camp the night but it was not to be....we are too close to civilisation. ...and we had to make do with the bus and lorry park at the rear of a hotel/shopping mall in the town of FLÅ. This became extremely entertaining as every 5 minutes a coach load of Chinese arrived for a comfort break and buying opportunity ......until they spotted the 2 motorhomes and a caravan next to us. It transpired that they had only ever seen such things on the movies and they all wanted to pose in front for a photo. They then started peering in the windows at us and poking heads through the open door. It was so funny that eventually we were giving tours, taking photos for them as they sat in the drivers seat and posing with them.  in front of the vans. There must have been 10-12 coaches, all apparently part of the same group, so we made lots of people happy.
We shared dinner chez Parker.....they did main course and wine, we did starters,desert and won another 2€ (candy from a baby).
During dinner however, an extremely large lorry/trailer combo roared into our now otherwise empty car park and after a turnaround, parked within inches of our bumpers as we were parked side by side, rears to the fence. If we had wanted to move we couldn't. D and I got out to have a chat with him. He was very grumpy, said he would be parked up for 11 hours, that at least 10 more would arrive in the next hour as this was the only lorry park along this road for miles and if we were unlucky, some would be refrigerated. Seemed to think we should be in a campsite. So we calmed him down, he suggested we move round the other side of the complex to the hotel car park and nicely moved his rig so we could move. Then came round for a chat so we were all friends....except only 2 of his chums turned up, not 10. So we had a good night's sleep  and D&M even went into the hotel to avail themselves of the free WiFi.
We then had a nice run on Wednesday to GVARV which will be our last night in NORWAY as we sail to DENMARK tomorrow afternoon.

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