Monday, 4 July 2016


Monday 4th July 2016

Sunday 3rd July

We leave our overnight cemetery and head south. Beautiful drive through fjords and mountains including another nearly vertical face of hairpins...the road is wider so it's not so daunting. Arrive campsite at LOM which is good and nice little town/village to walk round....lovely old stave church to visit.  14 of the 22 did their own thing over the last 2 days so many experiences. We may or may not have won at cards, or may not have actually played., we had a group meal at a very nice restaurant but I got grumpy......

Monday 4th July

Drive 100 odd miles to LÆRDAL. Fantastic drive over the JOTUNHEIM massif which incorporates  the 2 highest mountains in Norway.  The road hits its high spot at 1430m where we we watch skiers on a langlalf course and see frozen lakes,glaciers and snow on the roadside higher than the van. The descent is long and steep and requires several stops for brake cooling but the views are fantastic so it's no effort. We re booked in campsite for 2 nights followed by a 220.  mile drive so many people, including us, are planning to split the journey and wild camp along the road. Makes sense. The GF wins 2€ again at cards. I'm sick of 8pm briefings so I've done a runner.....the red wine may hold out till we're back in civilisation .

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