Saturday, 28 May 2016


Sat 28th May 2016

Wed.25th May 2016
Travel to Puttgarten for ferry to Denmark. Campsite at STROBY near KOGE. Easy drive,good roads, refuel as diesel cheaper in Germany. ..80p litre. Good campsite close to sea, pleasant evening drinks with immediate neighbours in the sunshine. Good bunch, everyone clutching bottles and cans. Cards with D&M after dinner...we lose 2€.

Thurs 26th. May  2016
Drive round Copenhagen to Helsingore  ( castle at Harbour is claimed to be the scene for Hamlet)for ferry to Sweden.   Top up diesel as cheaper in Denmark than Sweden. .. £1 a litre.
Longish drive to GRANNA, campsite good on Lake.  Cards after dinner, we win but only get paid 2 Swedish Krona, about 3d in old money. Protest vehemently to no avail.

Fri 27th. May 2016
Rest day. Planned to take ferry to island for cycling but weather clamped down so went Geocaching in Granna. Missed one found another so contented. Discovered Reg & Virginia are big geocachers and found both of mine the night before and then ticked a further 10 when cycling round the island. He's going to give me lessons and help me at Nordkapp find an earth cache. They've clocked up over 9000 'finds' ......I'm on about 9 or 10 so a long way to go !!
Cards after dinner, we win but don't even get 2 Krona this time. Something wrong somewhere but I don't know who to complain to.

Sat.28th.May 2016
Long drive to STOCKHOLM,  campsite at BREDANG just outside. We take optional detours (2) to relieve monotonous motorway driving but scenery no better....just different trees.
Scandinavia is proving to be very neat ,clean & tidy. Great roads, but did not realise Sweden is 3rd largest country in EU, and Norway only slightly smaller, so huge distances to cover. Played Molkky last night organised by Codi & Jacqui. ......a Dutch skittle like game we have seen many times around Europe but could never figure out the rules. Now we know and will be buying a set esp for our summer thrash in france.

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