Monday, 30 May 2016


30th. May 2016

Arriving  in Stockholm,  we clocked 1000 miles from Martlesham,  so only another 1000 miles to Nordkapp. The journey has been boring.  Easy driving on good roads but mind blowingly  tedious and uninteresting. You can't see the woods for the wonder they  make matchsticks and Ikea furniture.
We haven't seen an Elk although Codi produced a photograph he  claimed he took on the road....we've seen a red squirrel,  2 herons, a buzzard and 2 red kites and lots of road kill badgers who appear to have the same lack of self preservation that their English relatives have.

After an hour, the GF and I had decided that Stockholm a) was ugly and b) looked liked East  Berlin.
10 mins later, the Swedish  tour guide said "Some people say that Stockholm is the ugliest city in Europe,  others say it looks like east  Germany. Many say that it is both." So I rest our case. During the day our opinion softened somewhat and it's probably a good city to live in (may to September )but it's not pretty. Hadn't realised how watery it is.....14 islands.

Played cards, won 2€ and recovered the outstanding 2€ so now only in dispute over the 2€ v 2 Danish  krona.  Fortunately  Margaret is reading this as we travel along and has been shamed into doing the right thing, nearly.  2€ is £1.60, 2 Danish Krona isn't worth tuppence so a stewards enquiry has been called for.
Julian rang wanting to know who we had upset so far. As if.

Went Geocaching in the woods, climbed a rock face and a tree to find 2, the first of which was placed in Aug.2000 and is the 2nd oldest in Sweden . With batteries failing on gps I suddenly found myself in the middle of nowhere at 10am (still light) so had a few anxious moments before I found a track back to campsite. On the plus side I found my first  travel bug which I shall take to Nordkapp.

Monday at leisure so took a boat ride down river to see royal palace and gardens at drottlingholm.  Nice place.

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