Saturday, 10 January 2015


Saturday 10.1.2015

Wednesday night down to -5° and woke to another day of thick fog which lasted for over 150 miles but as we dropped down off the plateau after Caceres at least the temperature began rising. Came out of the fog 50 miles from Seville and then stopped at Jerez to top up the LPG as there still appears to be nothing nearer to Conil. Despite Repsol installing more autogas points, there is a black hole from Jerez to Algeciras even though Cadiz is a major city. As we are not staying so long down here this year , we shouldn't have to go back to Jerez to refill especially if the weather remains as warm as it is now.
So arrived Conil 4pm in bright sunshine and big blue sky all round. New van is too long for our pitch of the last 4 years so we have a bigger one close by but not in the same avenue...which may deter the usual suspects from dropping by for a beer or three........but unlikely. Apart from Paul & Marianne who can't make it because of ongoing problems with Paul's shoulder (which may spare my liver further damage) the same crowd are here so much renewing of acquaintances . Our first job was to drive up to the van wash
facility and I managed to blow the horn when passing the boules pitch just as Harry was throwing and he said words which should not be repeated in polite company to much laughter.
It took a lot of high pressure washing to get 6 days grime washed off and it took two of us to do it but now we are clean again.
Thursday night is Whist night where
the GF won the ladies prize of 9€ so we are starting off well. Quiz night starts next Wednesday and in the absence of P&M it had already been decided that we would team up with Harry & Joan......the bidding in the transfer window was extremely competitive apparently when it was known that we would be looking for new partners. We shall be the dream team once again.
Friday was spent sorting ourselves out, erecting awnings etc and generally getting comfortable which included getting the shorts out as it is so warm. A walk up to the supermarket for wine & beer, boules in the afternoon and an excellent flamenco show in the restaurant with a meal for 8€.  to round off an excellent first day.

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