Wednesday, 14 January 2015


Wednesday 14.1.14

Saturdays apres boules drinks became quite lively chez nous and was noteworthy in that there were twice as many people as had been playing boules for some strange reason. However it did reacquaint us with a lovely French couple, Laurent et Jacqueline, and result in an invitation to join them on Sunday morning for an oyster lunch. They have been full timing for 16 months and still crave the delicacies of la belle France so after New Year had a crate of oysters couriered from Arcachon which we know well as oyster central.
I had expected a nice demi-douzaine  so was rather overwhelmed to discover that the order had been 9 dozen which had to be consumed asap. Larry and Pat were also invited but both ladies declined oysters and made inroads into the pate,rilletttes,foie gras and prawns, leaving Larry and I trying to keep pace with Jaqeline shucking oysters for dear life. Don't know how many we consumed but we think that 2 dozen each wouldn't be far out. Accompanied with a fine Muscadet and then  Sylvaner, a very enjoyable afternoon was spent. Laurent is 70+ and was a professional photographer and is still accepting commissions. More later.

Weather has been a bit cloudy but nice and warm. Been down to beach twice and walked each way and its still lovely.
Nick & Barbara/Dave & Geraldine arrived Monday and we will see more of them in the next few days.
Excellent meal compliments of the management on Tues in preparation for the annual St.Sebastian festival on sunday usual with a free meal, much wine was purchased to was it down thus writing off the rest of Tuesday.

The site is getting busier, especially with French visitors who are apparently shunning their usual playground of Morocco for understandable reasons. Regular readers will recall my comments last year about the enormous numbers of French  motorhomes in Morocco which now may well be in decline this year and thus hurting the Moroccan tourist economy.
And just to annoy anybody, I am not Charlie, because I don't agree that its OK to gratuitously insult somebody's religion and deliberately cause offence in the name of free speech.


  1. No, but it is also not right to shoot people who do.

  2. I never said it was and you know that I do not condone those murderous acts. However, I believe that the right to free speech carries responsibilities and that if those responsibilities were exercised maybe there would be less hatred and misunderstandings in the world. Consequently whilst deploring what happened to them, I personally do not wish to be associated with Charlie Hebdo or their offensive cartoons .